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KRDS is a district level youth organization of South 24 Parganas is engaged in sustainable rural development activities since its inception in the year 1984. Encouragement of youth groups and institutionalizing their efforts for the overall benefit of the rural people are the basic approaches of its rural development activities. With its participatory development approach KRDS is working in more than 180 villages located in different community development blocks of the district as a district level NGO of West Bengal, The Society gave main emphasis on child & women health last four years with the partner agency of Unicef and administrative, financial guidance by Social Behaviour Change Communication Cell of District, Govt. of West Bengal. It has also initiated different types of developmental activities throughout the years to stand by the poor and downtrodden rural people to help them have faith in themselves, to develop their leadership potentials, thus developing confidence to make the communities self-reliant.


Objectives at the excellence in all aspects of human development-physical, mental, and ethical through advancement in social, educational, health, economic, environmental, cultural and other spheres of life and living.


KRDS, as we see, was not built in a day. It took above three decades of strive and straggle to grow its present stature from a very humble beginning. It goes back to early twenty years beginning at the end of the last century, when it started as a kindergarten stage; the activities were conducted for women empowerment and capacity building programs in support with local resources and administration. The participants were taught not only to gather knowledge in empowering themselves but also inspire them to think for relentless interventions in ‘social just causes’ meant for the benefits of scores of deprived and underprivileged at the very grass-roots level.

Gradually, the institution spread its activities and branches throughout the district and later it extends to other districts also, with a view to give benevolent services to mankind by providing sustainable developmental activities to the people in distress along with the motto of returning them to the mainstream of the society. KRDS has given main emphasis on health, water & sanitation, socio-economical program, child education and livelihood facilitation with a major emphasis on skill-orientation centric employability activities in collaboration with state, central and foreign agencies.


i) Registered under the Society Registration Act XXVI of 1961 under Govt. of west Bengal, Registration No – S/82323 on 03/01/1996.

ii) Registration No. 147110665 under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of 1976 date of Registration 01/12/04.

iii) Registration No. DIT(E)/7 ___ under 80G(5) (VI) I.T. Act 1961 with perpetual validity. 8E/211/04-05

iv) Registration No. DIT(E)/S-2__ under 12AA I.T. Act 1961 8E/211/04-05

v) PAN No. – AABTK0280H

vi) TAN No. – CALK05290F (30th OCT’06)

vii) DARPAN, NGO unique Id: WB/2009/0017731 of Govt. of India

viii) UNICEF Partner Id- 225

ix) Guide Star India Registration No - 2768

x) Registered under NITI AYOG Regd. No. WB/2009/0017731 of Govt. of India

xi) Registered with UNICEF as a partner Agency (World wide R.No.-225)

xii) Registered with Kolkata Gives

xiii) Affiliated under Institution of Agricultural & Community Development (IFARD)

xiv) Recognized under Consumers Affairs Department & Fair Business Practices (CA & FBP)-GoW

xv) Winner of Netaji Award- by Govt. Of WB in, Vivek Samman - by Vivek Pathe, Partner of Danamojo, India and Guide Star india.


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